Featured Athletes

Sport is open to all of us. The way we go about our workouts and the reasons we do them are all different. But it's the sweat we earn that brings us together. It’s what makes each of us a part of the Democracy Of Sweat.


Sarah DiStefano

Sarah DiStefano grew up in Southborough, MA, and played soccer and basketball. She later joined the track and cross country team. Now she is an avid runner and basketball coach.


Samantha Simmons

Samantha Simmons grew up in Brookline, MA with her parents and younger sister, Marissa. She played soccer, lacrosse and ran indoor track while growing up and throughout high school.


Matt Dexter

Matt grew up in Winchester, a suburb just north of the city. He comes from a family of athletes. Dad was a tennis pro, Mom a swimmer at St. John’s University. Matt is continuing the athletic tradition as a personal trainer.