Uncertainty. It’s what she loves about sports.

An unexpected storm blew in over the Sierra Nevada Mountain range stranding three young hikers on the summit of Mt. Whitney. 

For Meredith DeHaas, her sister and best friend, it was an intense and challenging moment.   Uncertain for sure but it was the kind of moment that quickly teaches you about yourself.  The kind of moment that sports can give us and the kind that Meredith has learned to love.

Meredith was born in Eugene, Oregon.  Everyone runs in Eugene. She started running as a fourth grader, raced cross country and track through high school and stretched it out to longer distances in college.   Three marathons and several half marathons later she continues the running.  Everyday.  Everywhere. 

And sport has become her way of life.  It’s what’s next. 

She rock climbs a few days a week and goes on some serious hiking adventures, several times a year.  Her motivation?  Her friends.  One who lived in the New Zealand wilderness for 70 days; one who ran two marathons in three weeks; a couple of friends who hiked in Patagonia last year.  And then there’s her best friend growing up, who once ran from San Francisco to LA!  All tough. All badass.

It’s the uncertainty of every adventure that she loves.  It’s what around that next peak, above the next ledge or around the next bend in the road.

She’s hoping to complete a trad climb in Yosemite, climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp, climb every mountain in the Cascades and even bike across the US or Europe.  Oh yeah, and of course, complete the six World Marathon Majors.

Every run, every climb and every hike is different.  It’s the journey.  The uncertainty, the possibilities.  It’s what Meredith DeHaas loves about sports.   It’s what Meredith DeHaas loves about life.

Summit of Mt. Adams 2014.jpg