Our Newest Team Athlete

We're excited and proud to announce that Alicia Kittle has joined Democracy Of Sweat as one of our very first Team Athletes.  

As a young girl Alicia played softball, basketball and soccer. She swam, became a gymnast a dancer and much more. And as she grew she settled on softball. She was a catcher and one of her fondest memories is when her Lehigh Valley Flames won the NSA World Series. As a catcher she’s in a position that’s involved in every play and every pitch. A position that keeps moving.

For the last ten years she’s found weight lifting, running and CrossFit. She’s completed several Spartan races, 10 milers, 10k’s and 5k’s. She ran her first half marathon this past Spring, finished in 1:43, and next month will compete in her first marathon!

Alicia’s future plans are to compete as a CrossFit athlete and of course, to run.

Today, she’s still involved in softball as the Assistant State Director of the USSSA for eastern PA and NJ. They host softball tournaments for youth athletes, promote sportsmanship and friendly competition. And, oh by the way, Alicia’s also a Doctor of Audiology!

A Burpee Workout is the ultimate full body workout, used by football teams, CrossFit athletes and elite military personnel. It builds strength, burns fat, it’s terrific for conditioning and can be done anywhere. But brides? Alicia got married last year and you can see from one of the pictures below she was able to get her Burpee workout in during the reception! Not surprising from a woman who demands so much from herself. A woman who lives to play. And a woman who just keeps moving.

Welcome aboard Alicia, we’re honored to have you on our team.