Following in the Footsteps

In the 1970's Bob Mello was an outstanding athlete. He received a scholarship to play basketball at Suffolk University and went on to become a successful coach and high school Athletic Director. Fast forward to present day and meet the son named after him who continues to build the Mello legacy.

Sports have been a part of Bob's life for as long as he can remember. Even at a young age there was no off season. Bob excelled at basketball, baseball, soccer and football. By the time he entered high school he narrowed down the list and focused primarily on baseball and basketball. His outstanding athleticism did not go unnoticed. His senior year he was chosen as captain of his baseball team at Arlington Catholic High School and awarded all-conference honors in the Catholic Central League.

It's no surprise that Bob credits his dad as the athlete who inspires him the most. He's learned from his dad to strive to be the best he could and live up to his potential. That drive afforded Bob the opportunity to play collegiate baseball at Fitchburg State University. After two years on the diamond, he switched gears and took up track. It was a natural progression for him as it allowed him to build upon the foundation of all the other sports he had pursued previously.

This past May Bob graduated from college. Like most athletes that grow up playing sports from a young age, he's now at a crossroads. Bob chooses to focus on the positive. For the first time he's free to try any sport he likes. He now has the time to explore mountain biking, golf, kayaking and cross country skiing. He's able to continue bonding with teammates and satisfy his competitive drive with bike racing and men's basketball leagues. His future path as an athlete may be uncertain, but there's one thing he knows for sure. Sports will always be a part of his life. After all, he was born for this.