For Owen

The organization is called Monster and Sea, and their goal is to raise funds for families fighting a battle with cancer. With chapters in Seattle, Vancouver, Morrow Bay, Newport, Toronto, Idaho and North Carolina, these athletes train hard. They inspire. They celebrate life. But most importantly, they give back.

Nancy Preston is a paddleboard athlete and she’s with 24/North Carolina. Her young nephew Owen is battling a brain tumor, a terrible gliobastoma multiforme brain tumor. On Saturday March 26, at 8:00 am, the first member of the North Carolina paddleboard team will enter the water at Wrightsville Beach to begin the first leg of the relay to help Owen and his family.  

Each athlete will paddle 2 hours, with 4 hours off.  Some will paddle a route in protected water. Others will take the elite Graveyard Course, which starts and finishes on the beach, and has serious paddle time in the Atlantic.

But, it doesn’t matter what route they follow.  For Nancy and her North Carolina teammates it’s about seven-year old Owen. It’s about the journey he and his family have in front of them. A journey that will be made a little easier because of these six wonderful and unselfish North Carolinians.

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