Running With a Purpose

Anna-Ruth Watts grew up in Southern Utah, home to the St. George Marathon. Every year she would go with her family to watch the race. It didn't matter if they knew any of the racers. They were there to provide crowd support and cheer on all the runners as they tested their limits and ran their hearts out.

In 2005 Anna-Ruth moved to Boston. As Patriot's Day arrived she joined the masses to spectate the "world's greatest marathon." It felt like home. She's been sitting on the corner of Hereford Street ever since, watching and cheering. But, this year will be different. This year she'll be one of the runners. A dream come true.

Anna-Ruth has 4 marathons under her belt. So the hard work and training regime are familiar. What makes this race different is that she's not running it for herself. Anna-Ruth will be participating as a charity runner on behalf of Title IX Girls.

Title IX Girls is a non-profit that utilizes the principles of running to strengthen the connections among emotional, psychological and physical health in girls ages 9 to 15. Their principal program, The Whole Girl Workout, was created to bridge the divide between a traditional recreational sporting environment and an educational experience of a clinical setting. The unique and comprehensive approach to educating the whole girl in mind, body and spirit uses running as the instrument to connect the three.

The number of non-profit organizations vying for bibs for the Boston Marathon gets more competitive every year. This adds to Anna-Ruth's pressure to be successful in both her training and her fundraising efforts. She hopes to inspire Title IX Girls to see whatever they believe they can achieve.

To learn more about Title IX Girls or to contribute to Anna-Ruth's fundraising campaign please visit the links below.