A Pair Of Shorts.

Sports.  Some people just dread them. It can be the embarrassing memory of finishing last in the mandatory mile or always being chosen last in pick up games. It can be anything really, and the sick notes, the excuses and the skipping of PE become a way of handling it. 

This is the story of Morgan Jaldon and she was all of that. She just hated physical activity. She played a little coed basketball in elementary and middle school.  A little rowing in college.  But for Morgan, she lived in a world of fast food and frappachinos.  A summer shopping trip to Nordstrom’s changed all of that and it was the reality of a mirror and a pair of shorts.  

That day Morgan found ‘something’ inside of her.  That day Morgan became an athlete.  She started running.  Slowly at first and for only ten minutes, but she kept at it and decided she needed more, she needed a race.  She turned to someone to help, someone to train her and someone who has been running a long time.  She turned to her Dad.  And it began.  A new diet full of nutrition, hydrating properly, the right running gear, but most of all, the right coach. 

He started her off with the run and walk method to build her endurance.  Then they would run along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.  Talking and sharing.  Building something very special and loving every stride.  Father and daughter, runner and coach.

Arguably that six-mile loop along the San Francisco Bay to Pier 69 was the seminal moment in Morgan’s athletic life.  Her motivation today comes from her boyfriend who pushes her to push her herself and to know no limits.  She runs with the Concrete Runners in the Bay Area, she finished the 200-mile Ragland Relay last November and she has the 120th Boston Marathon waiting for her in April.

In 2014, Morgan was part of Nike’s Running Team that ran Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  She also ran the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon as a St. Jude Hero, raising money for a terrific cause.  This year she’s running competitively for Nuun’s Hydration’s Team, she represents North Face and is an ambassador for the Oakland Running Festival.  

Along with her running and community work Morgan finds the time to write a great blog at www.mojaldy.com.  She’s also a certified Yoga Sculpt instructor through Core Power Yoga and oh yeah, she writes a quarterly column for the City and County of San Francisco about health and wellness, exercise and diet and all things good!

For a young woman who started running four short years ago Morgan has become quite an accomplished athlete.  And as an athlete she reflects on so many things, from her times, technique and training, to her nutrition and goals.  Anything and everything.  But for this 25 year-old woman it was her reflection in the Nordstrom’s mirror that has had the biggest impact on her life.  It was the reflection that showed her who she had to be and who she could be. 

All of this, from just a pair of shorts.