For Her, There’s Always More.

For many of us we do our one thing.  Some of us run.  Cycle.  Swim.  We’ve found one sport we’ve fallen in love with.  It’s plenty.  We set goals and push hard.  We’re happy.

Every so often we come across an athlete who needs more.  Never satisfied with that one thing. To them there’s more.  A lot more.

Mary Ann Ancheta is one of those athletes.   This Cali gal has quite an athletic resume.  It started simply, first with basketball and then volleyball.  She turned to running in high school and in 2008 started competing in events.  Her first?  The San Francisco Half Marathon.  But she wanted to go longer and faster.  She needed to. 

So she took a boxing class and boom, passion hit her with a right hook!  She trained daily. Sparring and shadow boxing.  Hitting mitts.  Skipping rope and working on her footwork, all in preparation for her first amateur match in 2014. Though the decision didn’t go her way that night, boxing did.  It was her next thing.  But in that fight Mary Ann fractured a rib.  Of course that didn’t stop her, her doctor couldn’t either and through the brutal pain of the break, this mentally tough athlete turned back to running.  Big time.

She ran Rock and Roll running events.  Napa to Sonoma.  The San Francisco Marathon (yes again) and Oakland’s too.  The 2015 NYC Marathon this past fall and she’s qualified for Boston, 2016.  She places in her age group in just about every run and finished 2nd overall in one.  She just keeps on going.  Hard.  

And the ‘things’ don’t stop there.  She hikes too!  From Lake Berryessa to Mount Tamalpais to the Marin headlands.  The Redwoods.  Muir Woods and Mount Diablo.  Everywhere.  Anytime. 

Her latest thing is archery, a sport that requires pinpoint focus and a steady hand, relaxed breathing and an inner calm.  It needs geometry too, from hand position to arm angle. Yes, far different from the ring and the road.

She golfs, snowboards and wakeboards.  Softball too.  And occasionally, gets back to her basketball and volleyball roots. And by the way, she’s a personal trainer. 

For Mary Ann Ancheta her motivation comes from yesterday, improving from it and learning from it.  And we’re sure that her next thing will be tomorrow, because for Mary Ann, it’s always about tomorrow