Usually being in the top 10% of anything is pretty cool, right?  Top 10% of your class, definitely!  Top 10% in a half marathon, yup!  Top 10% of a sprint tri, not bad at all.

But what about the top 10% in the disease of Diabetes?  The Type 1’s.  The people who can’t do anything about whether they get the disease or not. What would you do?  How would you handle it?

We’d like you to meet a new friend of ours. Her name is Alexis McDonald and she has Type 1 Diabetes.  She’s 22 and with a face made of smiles.  

Growing up with Type 1 Diabetes she became an all-star cheerleader, competed against our nation’s best and then played lacrosse for five years.  And what drove her most was game day.  The competition.  The training payoff. 

And today her training continues, seven days a week, from yoga to lifting to cycling and TRX, but all under the wayward eye of Type 1 Diabetes.  Because she’s on insulin injections, she plans out all 24 hours, of all 365 days, of every year.   Just so she can be healthy, just so she can be an athlete. 

But it’s more than that.  She sees herself as someone who can be an inspiration.  Someone who might help others break the grip of this disease so they can live their lives without restraint.  Always involved and always positive, Alexis donates much of her time working with many Diabetes organizations across the country.

And oh yeah, on top of that, she’s an entrepreneur.  She’s created GLIDE, Global Leadership In Diabetes Education.  It’s an organization designed to provide structure to living a healthy, active lifestyle and creating awareness of diabetes.  

There you have it, that’s how one young woman faces Type 1 Diabetes.  That’s how one young woman chooses to handle it.  Keep smiling Alexis, you deserve to.