Sport is open to all of us. The way we go about our workouts and the reasons we do them are all different.  But it's the sweat we earn that brings us together.  It’s what makes each of us, a part of the Democracy Of Sweat.  


Our guiding vision at the Democracy Of Sweat is to celebrate the ‘everyday’ athlete.  Someone who believes in the value of sport and what it gives back to each of us. 

So we want to feature those athletes who go about sport in their own way and for their own reason.  We’re asking you to weigh in and nominate someone who you believe fits this vision.

It could be anyone, your mom, brother, neighbor or coworker, doesn’t matter.  Fill out the nomination form, and we will take it from there.

The featured athlete and their nominator will receive free Democracy of Sweat swag.   

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